Favorite Youtubers

Hi there!! I just want to get to know you guys a bit more so I made this chat! :slight_smile:
You can write down your fav youtuber(s) and maybe if someone else has the same favorites as you you can talk about them!
For Example: My fave youtubers are a lot of animators like GinjaNinjaOWO, Scribblejuice, Oddisout, Jaiden Animations, Illymation, and Kelsey Animated and Emrichu.

tiko and fgteev

sssniperwolf, dangmattsmith, Sapphire/Markeia the channel is called snarled, and DigitalNex

Alpharad, CG5, Assassin Knight (a sprite animator), KAnimations (another sprite animator why i LOVE!) and others


LaurenZside and FakeGamerGirl


tiko dantdm daily tactics funny and her crew preston unspeakable project jamesify



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sssniperwolf and dangmattsmith

SAME!!!111as well

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