Favorites Cursor Section?

This is just an idea in general, but can there be a section where you can easily pick your favorite cursors so you can access them quickly when you open the Custom Cursor tab?? It takes a bit of time to find the cursor you want and this can speed things up!


Moved to feedback’s section.
We are also into this idea, but we need time to implement it :tired_face:
Hope we can release it soon


Awesome! Take your time tho, no need for a buggy mess :wink:

This is out now if you go to the cursor downloader, you’ll need to hover over a good cursor you like then you see a star in the top right corner. Click it and the cursor will be sent to “Your Favorites.”

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i know and thanks!

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Can you make it so the cursors we upload can be marked as favorites? I’d really like that.

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