I get my braces off today after having them for 3 years


I can’t even afford braces, my front teeth always looked out of place for years just because one of it didn’t grow right
but i’m pretty happy with it

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ok but is there a lore reason

This is crazy :sob:

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crazy i was crazy once

Congrats bro

Bro frfr, whoever flagged trhis is not cool, it wasn’t bad

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Hey how does @Moon_knight get off of hold?

Hah; I got my braces off before you- >.>

Have fun wearing a Retainer for the rest of your life.

Im not going to

I mean I can see why its flagged- I don’t blame them

But if they were saying nightwings name then it was a false flag

But the word was uncalled for I mean sense when did Batman had braces there :cold_sweat:

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it literally said the male genital in a inappropriate way on a website full of kids :sob:

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that is a name too it isn’t just the reproductive part :sob:

it’s an inappropriate name used in a inappropriate way tho lol

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And why do you think that?

Do you think the Richards don’t have rights?

bc people mostly use it as a way to insult others or degrade them in weird ways

and when do you ever hear a nurse and/or doctor refer to the male genital as that? literally never which goes to show that it’s used in inappropriate ways

What did that say

My algebra teacher’s name is that