Froggy cult badge

Name: Froggy Cult

Description: Do you love frogs? Or do you worship them? If you worship them then this is the badge for you
People who should have this badge: Anyone who loves frogs including myself


:yum: Can i have this badge??


I would like a froggy badge too


I’d like it

At first I didn’t know that the image was a frog but then I looked closer and saw it

i love frogs so i legit need this / srs


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give pls

Oh sup nightwing I followed your wife on watt pad her stories are so good :+1:t2:

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And yes, they are pretty good

question what made you have your super hero name as nightwing
Well it’s a cool name but just wondering

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Well, as most people know, I am good friends with superman. SO before I got this name, I talked to him. He told me that there was a hero on Krypton that went by the name of Nightwing, so I used that name.

Epic story

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May I have this?

May i pls have this badge?


I don’t exactly know how to make this a badge

ask blife to give the badge to people

@Blife can @ANG3LSTXRZ @xX_Luxury_Xx @Ethan.kun @evilemperorzurg @May @Nightwing @Sliver0wlet @ItzYoBestie_Ari @F3rr3tK1d and myself have this badge?