Gacha life

all the charecthers plz look them up for it plz

gacha life?

sup homies! plz vote for halloween cursours!\


sorrybut i have to leave for home becouse school ended

Please don’t ask for votes, especially in other peoples posts. People will vote for your topic if they like it. If they are all forced then we won’t get the cursors everyone wants. :smiley:

I love this idea… I love Gacha Life here and there but there’s always something more exiting to do exept play Gacha Life. This is clearly my own personal opinion. :smiley:

(Sorry I might have spelled some things wrong, I am just too lazy)

it is ok

hi @Meme_Frog10 @Adeline_Shelton @Braeden_Richter




hi @Meme_Frog10