Guess who reached their goal of 200 Watchers on DeviantArt? | Mermay Art

That’s right, you Favorite Fearless Hero finally did it. And I even gave my 200th Watcher the possibility of a Custom Commission, which they happily accepted; he asked me to draw his Siren, Kai, celebrating this event with Calypso; and since he asked, I delivered:

And the best part? This drawing was made ENTIRELY FROM STRATCH. No bases were used in the making of this, since I personally thought it’d be lazy to do so, so instead I poured my love into a blank canvas, and was given this.

I love how Calypso looks here. Kai looks alright too. I feel like I did a terrific job with this, in all honestly. First time drawing a Siren, and I feel like I came, I saw, and I conquered with this. And Caly’s hands look decent too!