Guess who

Guess who’s having a breakdown because tomorrow is my last day of school and I have to say good bye to all of my best friends and band director cuz I’m switching schools


not me!! june 13th…


I started sobbing when I realized I’m never going to see my band director again
My band is my family bro
And my bf was joined band next year to be with me but no


I thought I’d be ready but -

I get it
It’s tough when you feel like you’ve finally found your place and then you have to say goodbye
I don’t want to start fresh or be alone again either but hey, at least there will be a lot of new opportunities

Try to keep in touch with your friends, message some of them over summer if you have their contact info

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which school are you switching to?


mine ends next month

Somewhere in New Orleans LA


mines ends in 3 months :triumph:

That’s TMI to be telling someone on the internet

i’m sorry

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i didn’t know honestly but how was your day

It’s okay
My day was good, and yours?

basically it’s going good but i have my spring choir concert tonight

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Oh that;s cool, I hope it goes well

it will but i’m a little nervous btw just pm for a private conversation

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you can dm me if you like

Can’t, it doesn’t let me