Helluva boss rp!!

Join if you want just tell me what character you want to be and if your from the hazbin hotel rp I made, you can join this one as well and the hazbin hotel rp is still going if you want to join. Also I call dibs on BlitzØ!!


i can be husk i love husk

Sorry this is a helluva boss rp but my Hazbin hotel is open you can look for it if you want


Blife finna scream if he were to found out if you were all minors roleplaying from that show

hey, im mature

plus, yt shows you anything these days

Just because you’re “mature” doesn’t mean you’re old enough

Well, that’s true, but i don’t think he allow it to a bunch of minors anyways

And why continue watching that type of stuff?

i honestly think the first episode was funny
i also use the character design to help me draw better

Uhhh what’s going on?

not sure


How the heII did we get an Alastor cursor anyway-


no idea

blife probably didn’t look up the age rating :skull:

theres a possibility

can I join as Luna-?

ya ofc!

can i join i love hasbin hotel and helluva boss