hey blife this is important

here it is


whats good logan

oh and @blife450

hii houssssssssss

Hiiiii ashtonnnnnn


goooooddd wbuuuuuuuuu


My keyboard’s like my heart
It shines in RGB and it’s full of blood
I don’t know what is wrong with me
But I’m scared, pis sed off and lonely
I have trouble speaking to women
Unless they’re 2D or high definition
Spend all my time on social media
This is the state that I’m in

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My Twitter feed’s like my brain
'Cause I have it on dark mode
Memorise everything she says
So I can use it to guess her passcode
She’s beauty, she’s grace
She has a profile picture of her gorgeous face
To try and get more sponsors
To try and get more sponsors

But why don’t you care?
I have spent the past ten years of my life
Making you prepared
You’re political enough but not contrary
Word that CCC blocks enough but not enough to scare me
Give me a reason not to be on my knees
The internet has ruined me

Look, I know I must sound insane
But that’s part of the package
If she can’t handle me at my worst
She don’t deserve my mental baggage
I know you want six foot four
But one foot more and I’d almost be tall enough
To reach the high shelf, be your incel
I think I might be a threat to myself

A threat to myself

But why does she run?
When I’m monthly giving her 50 percent of my income
It feels like my ideas of affection
Are based around artificial perfection
I just want to appease
The internet has ruined me

yeah thats what happens when you spend all your free time on reddit like me

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i got revenge on the anime kids





what they do?

@blife450 this is important