Hey i want the truth

im back and better and maybe people hate now

i want the truth do you hate me or not i dont care

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je m’ennuie

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I dont hate u love :blush:

ur my bro

remember my dare i still doing it bwt do you hate me @Number8

ofc tu ne la connais même pas -

I don’t

nah u cool man

Moi aussi

Why would people hate you?

savez-vous tous ce que je dis lol



i dont know peole the thing like the mother land and then i think do people hate me or just dislike me or something like that

wdym ofc I dont even know her

hi nuggy!!! :blush:

the thing i feel like do people like who i am like you now right guys or do people hate me for the thing i do

t or dd

u r cool my guy