Hey i would like to be and admin or something near that extent.

Well ive ben here for a while um id make sure ppl are following the guide lines, id help out anyone who needs it, id give wonderful ideas id make cursors if certain post have done well and its approved, and support everyone i can


@blife450 said there is enough admins and you will have to work your way up there


ye ik

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could you help me\

with what Noah_Cribb ?

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why does it limtied the text message you send why why threeeeeee

and i just sign up


how can you become an admin here?

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i just sign up to this thing i was in my last class when i did

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm interesting

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wsts to mean

ion even know mate

bye have a good day or night friend

:smiley: I never saw youuuu even tho you made your account last year Lol