Hi wanna be friends!

Hello! It’s a pleasure to meet u guys! I can’t wait to be your friend!

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sure !! :]

Oh hello!

hello , hello !!

its nice to meet you bows


It’s nice to meet you as well


smiles gently back i didnt expect anyone to join my chat chuckles rubbing back of neck


whyy not ??
rises an eyebrow

Not a lot of people chat with me maybe three poeple t=do

make it 4

Wait really

mhm , mhm !!

She makes a tiny squeal like a child and hugs them gently

hugs back

hm ?

im excited i actually have a male friend well my second one but im excited!

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im not male , im a female -w-"

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Eek im sorry!

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bows quickly

its okay , its okay !! if you read my bio you’ll find out more <33

smiles then giggles