hi what are you doing today

what are you doing

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As always, tidying up code and preparing new cursors for you :wink:

Costom Cursors is the best :money_mouth_face:

how much days does it take to make a new cursor?:thinking:

Usually, we make about 2-4 per day. It depends if its a complicated cursor idea or not
You can check them out on our new packs page

i like the new packs
my most favourite is the cute westie dog

Yep, we like him too, he is cute :blush:
Same for funny pug

what does funny pug look like ?

Like this
Funny Pug Dog

You can find him here

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the custom cursors are amzing

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custom cursor are the best!

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Thanks! :smiley:
Its great to hear that!

On My Chromebook

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uh a pug Thats what it is



Hello :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Kylee446, we have hundreds of requests already so we can’t just skip them. :sweat:
Please create a topic in Cursor ideas topic so that other people can vote on it.
The more votes it will receive - the faster we will be able to add them

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