high school again (rp) (ANYBODY CAN JOIN!!!!)

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name: Anna
age: 15
gender: female
car: (photo)
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Screenshot 2022-01-07 1.35.07 PM

its the same character pictures and bio

dont judge… the last time i rp, my ex gave me this house, and car, for my birthday
and I love that girl, and them

ok then…

(Hey um wana Rp on a pm?)

not really, im not tryna be mean, i just dont like pm rping)

(Oh ok)

that was not mean at all.



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you had to lol)

yea can i join lol

read the title)

oh sorry!

lol its good)

to many ‘lols’ though)

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About: The popular and famous kid in school but doesn’t really care and acts like he’s normal but he’s half-demon
Likes:Candy and drifting
Dislikes:people chasing him
S type:Pan
Personality:nice and sometimes protective

why are all you characters cutTe


lol anyways-