horror rp?

i guess anything from a creepy pasta horror game or horror movie i think it would be interesting to see what happens

i choose uhh the scary diamonds


yeah do whatever

imma just say im jason voorhes so i dont have to talk and i can stalk the chat

@mudkip_jotaro is that a good idea

yee its the most basic 1 and its uhhhhhh idk ig it is a good idea

also i love the friday the 13th franchise

you should see my house its full of horror because the person who was my best friend and my moms boyfriend loved horror so that’s why the house is full of horror they died a week ago press f to pay respects

ok ok :[ F

its sad

yeah it is

i meant its sad by me having to go to halloween horror nights

i don’t like horror because i can tell oh she is going to die oh he is going to die its pretty predictable