Houston we have a problem

people thinking they can say what they want and do what they want, we need to cut down on them, people like @Matchy-Patchy thinking they are the law and thinking that they come up in here and are immediately some sort of mob boss.

we should do something


aM i OnE??

yea but they are kids they need to understand


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ToNkS mA fRiEnD

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yeah i know, they clearly do not though :skull:

:sob: :sob:

When 5 minute crafts is smarter than some people :skull:

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also, yipee @Riley_McCartney

aint no way :skull:

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YeAh I mET pEOplE

@Nightwing @g0ld_Tea @blife450 @AshTheAnti-Hero and others

i really cant thank you guys enough for trying to keep these people controlled


we were friends, i regret that now.

since when? i gave you advice on how to do something and you considered us friends?


This time, zero i agree with you. sorry @Matchy-Patchy


I- :frowning: why

Sorry, i’m done with you. i’ve muted you already.

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CcC iS cOnFuSinG

i dont know why people dont tell the mods, dont we only have 2? if we flag the posts it goes to the mods, think we should apoint more mods, like some of the leaders that blife thinks is going to be good, i dont think flags are getting taken care of fast enough

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