how do i make badges?

TEL ME plzzzlzzlzplzplpzlp!!11!!1!!!11!1

or can someone make the badge for me?

You need to be TL3 (Trust Level 3)

In order to make them yourself you have to be Trust level 3

ik how but it doesnt show for me anymore

and how do we do that :star_struck: :skull:

what do you mean

your no longer have TL3 if you did have it


Yea inactivity make you LOSE TL3

someone can make the badge for you if you ask but they must be TL3 or higher


do i have TL3


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show me

You would have abadge called Regular if you were tl3

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hey could one of yall help me make a badge

I can help


When i get home