how to be less mean

20 Easy Ways to Be Less Mean

  1. Stop Prioritizing Being Right.
  2. Ditch the Discussions About Other People’s Appearances.
  3. Approach People First.
  4. Stop the “It Could Be Worse” Train.
  5. Take a Deep Breath First.
  6. Think of Positive Things to Say First.
  7. Listen to Other People’s Feelings.
  8. Show Up When You RSVP.

What does rvsp mean-

this isn’t being mean btw.

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“20 ways” and you only listed 8 :sad_tears:

0-0. Because I wasn’t told this and mk

i didnt know what it meant either, i always assumed it had something to do w reserving smth for a period of time

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my mom knits and i think by knitting she mentally transformed herself into a grandma

shes in her 30s


my mom keeps trying to get me to knit and crochet like mom no you make the stuff animals and i ask for them woman

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you liar theres 8 reason u said theres 20

thats what im sayin



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bro, people who say that situations could be worse are literally not lying and trying to make you feel better