I cried 😭

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Hello do you have arm pain!

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Aw man your gonna die soon :pensive: you got 20 mins left get the freak off the ccc and make your time count!

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im sorry what :smiling_face_with_tear:

oh dear

You heard the video you heard the inernet! Cmon go to your family you have a wife and kids now for 10 years make this last moment count

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Bro im home by myself

Rubbis h!

I see and you your wife Trisha and your son Timmy and your daughter la shana behind that screen! And uncle joe

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Your name is billy cmon did you loose your memory!

uhmmm ok bye timmy

I ain’t freaking timmy! I’m joe

Go off your screen and spend time with your family also dump your 20 ex boyfriends!

sorry bye joe

Yes thank you goodbye now go play soccer with Timmy!

timmy is at after school care
i dont feel like picking him up

Your a horrible father

Uncle joe I know you can hear me behind that screen go pick Timmy up!

nah hes walking home now

Wait… my names joe and I’m behind that screen and I should be picking up Timmy….