I had an idea...

How about we make it so that once a topic is locked, all the votes are removed from it. That way, our votes can be automatically reused instead of us having to go back and unvote manually. We can still do it manually before the topic is locked, but afterwards, all the votes can be removed. Just a suggestion.

whats the point in removing the votes?

You may or may not know it, but everyone has a limited number of votes


But the vote limit is very high!
TL0 = 60 votes
TL1 = 120 votes
TL2 = 240 votes
TL3 = 480 votes

Do we actually have community members that bump into vote limits?

  • I need more votes!
  • What vote limits?

0 voters

Raised the maximum number of available votes by 4 times

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