i have a problem with the website

am i the only one hving a problem were i cant scroll on the custom cursor page (my scroll is not broken it works on everything but the web)

Brah that happens too me to but i refresh the page.

oh im not the only one??

i will try reloading


it did not work =(



Hello. Can you clarify?
What page are you unable to scroll?
Are you using a mouse or a touchpad?

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i use both neither work

i cant scroll the main page where you download cursors

Do you use Chrome OS?
Do you have any similar extensions installed? Because some of our competitors like to disrupt our site with their extnsions

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no im not using a chrome OS (is that a chromebook) i dont think i have any extensions let me see

no i dont have any other extentions

On Windows, in Chrome I don’t see issues with scrolling, just a bug where some elements were sticking to a position but were supposed to be hovering. That sticking bug was just fixed, can you recheck your scroll bug?
Maybe they are related

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thank you its fixed

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Can you please check if your scroll works on our constructor page?

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yes it does thank you so much

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