I have encountered a problem

,I have encountered a problem, please help me!!! After uninstalling and reinstalling, the new mouse beautification cannot be added to the home. He said, “The source and target paths must have the same root, and the move operation is invalid between volumes.” I tried to put the installation package and the installed software in the same path, but it also failed. I have tried all the hard drives that can be stored in the computer, but they have no effect. The mouse beautification still cannot be used. Please help me, everyone

Custom Cursor for Windows app may be installed only on a system drive.

Windows 应用程序的自定义光标只能安装在系统驱动器上。

Hello, I have tried installing on the system drive, but there is still a problem. The message ‘Source path and destination path must have the same root, and the move operation is invalid between volumes’ still appears. What should we do?

Are you sure that your copy of Windows is running from the same drive as our app?

您确定您的 Windows 副本是从与我们的应用程序相同的驱动器运行的吗?

yes,I haven’t changed the system, I’ve been using it before, but I can’t install it after uninstalling it once

Windows only allows files to be loaded only from the system drive and their other check checks that files are loaded from the first drive.
So there is no way if Windows is installed on another drive

Windows 只允许从系统驱动器加载文件,并且他们的其他检查检查文件是否从第一个驱动器加载。