I made memes using scenes from some weird battle animations



i relate to the old converstion :sob:


baldi looking pretty swag tho

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Yeah Baldi has some swaggy sprites

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i got a video idea

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baldi vs sonic
(youtube kids sounding ahh)

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Elsagate sounding ahh

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so true

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The first one
Darkstalker x Moonwatcher.

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@Cawtoon_Kat Ayo you know anything about Wings of Fire?

I only know a little bit about it but I want to read it and i’m pretty sure they have the books at our schools library

Well do you know the mass flaws of Darkstalker x Moonwatcher.

I have heard that ship but whats so bad about it?

Darkstalker is over 2,000 years old and Moonwatcher is literally a 4 year old. She doesn’t act like a four year old, but she is. Prolly cause she’s a dragon.

Omg ew

I already know these are from animation rewind

I got these from one of my fav YouTubers called Ultra/ Dave


Those looked like stuff from Animation rewind’s videos.

I think they use the same sprites and backgrounds