I need help with a band logo-

So i made a band with a few friends of mine and we’ve played a few gigs every now and then but cant come up with a name nor logo for our band. Im the bass/lead guitarist and songwriter but i just cant figure anything out atm. can anyone help?


Yeah, I might be able to help!

What kind of songs do you guys play?

ok thank you!

rock, mostly heavy metal and death scream. our current name is the fallen ones but were bored of it bc it sounds like a popular band thats name was ripped off

Hmm… lemme see what I can pull out of my crazy head-

ok thx

Mmaybe something like… Devil’s Advocates, perhaps?

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ok imma see what the others say gimme a sec

they think its awesome ty so much!!

You’re welcome!

As for a logo, take the band name, find a good aesthetic, and design something based off of that.

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ok i will again ty!

You’re welcome!

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