i need more helpers...

i have successfully Corrupted @mudkip_jotaro, and now me and him can look for more possible helpers…

if you want to become a Corrupted, sign this form, and wait until i ping you, and once i do, you’ll soon become one of us…

the form:

will you join the Corrupted?
  • Yes, i will and i’ll help them find more to turn to Corrupted
  • No, i won’t

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dont join its a trap


shush @Ranboo, you’re one of us too, you fool…

a resistance has already started

yeah will im not doing what you say

i have free will and much rather destroy you instead of help you

drains you of your free will now, do as i say, which is help @mudkip_jotaro find more people…

i never wanted to join you so why should i help

now i know i have to do what you say but why

why do you want to do this?

because, i’m your leader, and you must do as the leader says…

and because it’s time Corruption spread like wildfire across the land…


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thanks for understanding, @mudkip_jotaro! you’re getting a promotion!

well i have a family i cant do this

well, then i’ll just Corrupt them too…

tanks :wink:

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no you wont

yes i will @Ranboo, and no matter how hard you try, i’ll always prevail and Corrupt them all…

Corrupts a falcon, which i use to distract the guards of @Adidas_Doge’s home village

our first stop, @Adidas_Doge’s home!

no you WONT

yes, i WILL