i was scammed a nd-....

whatever anyways

“I am wide”…

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YouTube :eye: :baby: :lips: :baby: :eye: :rat: :oncoming_automobile:

anyways bye guys…

shh :eye::dog: :lips: :dog: :eye: :baby: :+1:

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@Samantha_Martin hi

Please stop with The Extras m Askingy ou To Stop Saying Huh Huh hhUh



私はお茶のためにここにいます :tea:

ok im leaving i won’t be back for a month everyonne really two…

bye alliiiii

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bye nuggyyy

@Samantha_Martin hi again


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im staying i just can’t stand the annoyance

クロックが刻々と過ぎています、笑顔! =)

my goal on ccc is for her to say hi to me