idk if this counts as spamming but another idea!

the ccc should add backgrounds for example

like say your in a topic but your getting tired of just seeing a white background

well the ccc should add where you can have your own backgrounds
idk if that makes sense
but @blife450 what you think

I never seen so many feedbacks posted in one hour.


cuz im kevin the idea guy
not ethan hes busy but no im kevin

also what you think of this idea gem

well if you understand what im trying to say

I already made the same idea.

i see you used me as a example lol

a long time ago

well there we go then gem seems to agree with this idea

i think

CCC have themes, but very few people use them and its mostly configured for main white theme

i choosed dark gray theme because i dont want to burn my eyes because of white theme

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I think a ultra dark theme would be cool too
Like in discord
Ultra dark