If you bored


to correct you correcting me correcting you,
the way you put it, it would be “Detective tufty at you are service”

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we washed off the “makeup” and it didn’t come off that is why were suing them and we’ll win the case

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I thought you were correcting this


Well in that case you’d be correct


Thanks for the corrections

are you ok-

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yea i’m okay

Bro you ok?

Your stepdad should be in jail.

If it’s true

I hope you’re ok

yea he is just when they see that it’s true he will be fired

i am ok

That’s good

Did the police believe you?

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Prob they did

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my mom and him are going to court today but if he wins the case i am going to be living with him but he won’t

Hope you win

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thank you i will say on here that i won but i’
m going to court rn🤞🏾

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