i'm getting angry...

and i blame Faded, who keeps spamming me with new topics…

who thinks that there should be a 20 minute cooldown for those that spam others with new topics…



what the HECK?!

well you are the one replying to the topics…

and I never said that

ok boys don’t fight here.

no, i’m not, and i’m muting every topic you post…

then why are you complaining?

^^ what I said

it’s normal to have new topics in the new bar, but it’s annoying when they are all from THE SAME PERSON

sighs since you two seem intent on a full-blown argument, I suppose I should leave you nutjobs to it.

u kidding me right now

I only created 4 new topics

no, until they stop the new topic spam, i’ll be happy…

stop complaining

its so… not worth it

you do it too sometimes

'Tis not the point!


'tis the point
the point is that your getting angry over something that you’ve done before and now he’s doing it.