im so bored and sick rn so who wants rp

yall can choose the rp

ah dang your sick. Hope you get better soon :sad_tears:

thank you


yeah im good

RP mode activated

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sighs fine I will rp now

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what type cause idk up too yall

Idk either——

high school

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WHat’s going on with your pfp :skull:

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what going on with your life whats going on with your hair huh huh huh
Dave Chapelle GIF by MOODMAN

I’m pretty fine ngl <3 But you, :skull:

Reminds me of two slugs :skull:

Im dying :joy:.

nah bro im 4 slugs in a shotgun

My life is slaying actually, I’m a strong independent woman :sunglasses: Unlike you, un-independent man :skull:

nah bro :skull:

bro what are you Vector? :skull:

what is yall doing

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nah im not 4 slugs im 4 buck shots ima blow your lungs out like I did last night :smirk: