Imbored soooooo anyone wanna do a gather or khaoot or smt.?

Kahoot, Gather
idk im just BORED

OK one sec

I dont soo only chat for me

Escape the island ok?

NUUU KAHOOT >:<< :sparkles: :sparkles:

We’re gonna have to do Kahoot bc ccc won’t let me post the link ._.

what theme?

I got kahoot open

kk one sec


wait, we won’t know the questions ._.

i got the settings enabled dw

you should be able to see them ^^
just click on the link

what about this?

its there

I don’t see the screen with your guy’s names TwT

Screenshot 2022-05-19 3.23.29 PM


AnSwErs?! DaT WoUlD bE cHeatInG