Ink Demon Badge | Cult of the Ink Demon

I want a badge created, please! Here are the required info for the badge.

Badge name: Cult of the Ink Demon

Image for the badge:

Description of the badge: It’s not really a cult. Just a thing for people that really like the Ink Demon

People that also want it: @Si1ent-Drag0n-Shad0w @Ethan.kun @Sammy_Lawrence @Nightwing @ur-local-hated @Sundrop @Shifter @Moony_kun @astrid_dreemurr

Thank you @blife450


gimme pwease son :pleading_face:

Can I have it

wish i was tl3

I request the permission to acquire this badge

U guys got nemo nah we got

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@Sammy_Lawrence can i have it

That looks like me

Im not even gonna ask

Also this is off topic

I’m emo lol

Ok ok


Btw can me have



@Sammy_Lawrence Can i have this badge? SUPERFURRYBROOOOOOOOOO

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Thanks, What have been going on since I left an hour ago ;–;

omg me i luvv bendy