is this happening to someone else?

every time I try to post something, this message
Screenshot 2021-04-05 at 10.26.53 AM
it’s so strange

thats been happing ever since i joined

but has it happened with every message you send?


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ok, and I think it stopped for me, so sorry for wasting your time

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Huh wow :hushed:

Pls :pleading_face::point_up:

9pfs Hey :wave::pleading_face:

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This is normal.

When you send several posts in a row, this dialog is shown to discourage accidental spam.

This is not a bug. In fact, Discourse forums function well when quotes are used. By putting multiple replies in one post, the server is able to handle extreme load better, since less requests are sent while loading a topic. In addition, this results in less overhead when sending posts.

It is worth noting that gzip compression is more efficient when messages are sent prioritizing size over quantity, as phrases people repeat often and formatting tags are only sent at full size once, then references to the first instance of the phrase are used later in the content.

If you tend to annoy people, sending posts using quotes is going to avoid antagonizing them, as those who enable notifications will be less overwhelmed. If you are someone who sends over 100 posts per hour, those watching your more frequent topics will be less tempted to mute your notifications if you don't send as many messages, and using quotes is a good way to achieve such goals.

How best to use quotes

If you are replying to a post by a current CCC member on this site

This assumes you have read access to the post.

Select their post and click Quote.

If you do not have read access to the post

Sometimes, people are removed from PMs. Posts get deleted.

What to do

Deleted posts

  • Ask an admin to tell you what a post says. Be aware that content is often removed for a reason, and be prepared to accept no for an answer.
  • Use the Internet Archive.
  • Ask the creator of the post to help you.

Private messages

  • Ask an admin or current member of the PM to re-invite you. If they refuse (for example, the post may have sensitive content), consider asking them to quote the relevant posts instead.
  • Check your browser history for the topic ID of the PM, then quote every post by a current member of the PM containing a quote. Look for quotes that have the same topic ID as your PM, then piece together the thread. Only consider this technique if you are desperate, as it is tedious.
How to identify the topic ID

The topic ID is the text in the URL immediately after the topic title. For example, if the URL was, the topic ID would be 87303.

If you have any questions, just ask. If they are not related, please create a new topic.

If you have suggestions for improving Discourse, Discourse Meta is the best place to share them.


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they just said hey :skull:

Oh, but I did answer the question.