Jack of Diamonds (Written by GalaxyWings246)

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Jack of Diamonds

An old deck of cards, the colors nearly faded from their faces, lay abandoned on a wooden desk in a ravine, the corners of some burnt. The jack of diamonds was half-burnt, the beautiful image marred with the black marks left behind by the fire.
The ravine had been abandoned for quite some time.
A volatile young man, who a boy had considered trustworthy, had taken things down the path of instability-- both in the world and in the man’s head-- who tried to take everything he could, complete with an insatiable desire to burn his former home to the ground. He was the wanderer-- charming but untrustworthy.
Yet the boy, Tommy, had made the mistake of staying blindly by his side. The duo had gone through much in the past few months: revolution, agony, persecution, being forced out of the nation that they had formed. And now the madman, Wilbur, was blowing his nation up at this very second.
The explosion killed him. There was nothing left except for his split soul, the two sides, Innocentia and Vesania, innocence and insanity. The first came in the form of Ghostbur, for there was no body to keep the halves together now. He wandered around with Friend, his sheep, without a care in the world. He felt no sadness or pain or difficulties, as he had when he was bound to Vesania.
But all good things must come to an end. The jack of diamonds would not remain untouched forever.
As this all passed, Dream, the one behind it all, remained locked up in his cell, becoming a psychopath, worse than Wilbur ever had been. His wild laughter rang through the halls of Pandora’s Vault, and his chilling screams only increased the instability.
He was yelling at Tommy, who was trapped with him, and each word shattered the boy more and more.
And it was always in Latin.
“Potestatem meam effugere non potes! Meae chordae te teneant dum simul saltamus! OMNES IN MORTEM TUAM CANTICUM CANEMUS!” To translate, “You cannot escape my power! Let my strings hold you as we dance! EVERYONE WILL SING TO YOUR DEATH SONG!”
Tommy understood every word.
Eventually, Tommy was dead, and a day after his blood flowed, Dream spoke the words that would bring the victim back to life.
Fines omnes iterum incipient. Vita tua finivit, sed adsum eam renovare. Exurge, Tomme, accipias quod in te coactum est. Ades, anima mortua, et corpus hoc unum inhabita magis. Sic erit in sæcula sæculorum.” “All that ends will begin again. Your life has ended, but I am here to renew it. Arise, Tommy, and accept what is forced on you. You are here, dead soul, and will dwell more in this one body. It will be forever and ever.”
Those words brought Tommy back to life. But he is not what we are here to focus on.
Some time later, Innocentia went to visit Dream, and was accidentally trapped in the cell holding the convict.
“You’ve come to me at last, Innocentia,” Dream said. His voice trembled, like he was about to burst into laughter.
Afraid, Ghostbur nodded, backing up into a corner.
The puppetmaster continued, “You have returned to me, so that I may revive the jack of diamonds you hate so much. Don’t give me that surprised look, Innocentia. Vesania told me everything. It’s his turn to take the reins. You will no longer have power over him.”
Ghostbur shook his head. “No, no, terrible lord, that’s not true!”
Dream clawed the spirit’s shoulder. “It is, fool, and it will be, right now.”
Once more, those terrible, terrible words were spoken, and Vesania passed through the lava wall, rushing at Ghostbur and suffocating him in a heartless embrace.
The fusion had begun.
Soon, Ghostbur was gone. In his place was the mad king Wilbur, but his appearance now matched Vesania’s.
With a wild laugh, Dream said the final words: “Amplectere dementiam tuam, et vive pro ea!” “Embrace your madness and live for it!”
The Jack of Diamonds had returned, and he would burn the world to satisfy his wild desires.
Wilbur went down to the ravine that day, and saw the desk, with its deck of scorched cards. With a distorted smile on his face, he burned the jack of diamonds to ash, and picked the cards up. A life-and-death game of cards, madman against madman, Wilbur versus Dream.
There was no jack of diamonds now, except for Wilbur.

i love it!

Yeah, it’s really good.

Me hearing Dream say this in the background:
Omnia, quae desinent, iterum incipient. Vita tua finivit, at ego hic eam renovabo. Surge, Vesania, et accipe quae nunc tua sunt in perpetuum. Anima mortua hic es, sed nunc iterum habitabis in hoc corpore, anima tua consignata duo in uno. Et sic erit in aeternum. DIMITTE CHAOS TUUM IN MUNDO!
All things that will come to an end will begin again. Your life has ended, but I will renew it here. Arise, Madness, and accept what is now yours forever. You are a dead soul here, and you will now dwell again in this body, your soul having two forms in one. And thus it will be so forever. RELEASE YOUR CHAOS UPON THE WORLD!


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I like this part (i dont get the rest cause i dont watch dreamsmp but this is good) it sound like its coming from a british detective

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Yeah, Galaxy’s always got a touch for the dramatic. That’s one of my favorite parts too.