Jurassic Jungles

the party of @EliteSnowNinja, @GalaxyWings, @GachaWolf_Sea, @Toxi_killer, @AquaMarine, and @Zephyr have reached Jurassic Jungles, and are now looking for one of 4 secret bases of the WWCC, but the Jungle isn’t gonna give up easily, with all sorts of dinos, Carnivorous plants, and giant insects standing between them and a base of the WWCC’s…

(i have a picture for you, @AquaMarine!:
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it looks so cool

can i join this @Atmos

only if you promise to:
Not burn everything down
Not sing sea shanties and get us captured
Not summon Vsauce Micheal
ok @Ranboo?

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also i trapped vsause micheal in a black hole a while ago

ok then, so let’s go! (we should wait for Elite and Galaxy)

b o o

oh no

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a ghost

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dont expect me to be serious but i wont do anything you said not to

can i bring some of my Squadron? (there’s a total of 270 of them, but i’m only bring 4 with me)

(they look like this:

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just don’t be a focking dum-dum

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EnderA teleports off

so, meet Starr!

Hello, i am Starr, and i am a cousin of Corbin, but i travel with Wind Warriors, they make better company, and i tell you if Danger approaches, how much supplies you have and if you close to the base of not!


switches vibe from Since I Saw Vienna by Wilbur Soot to The Wind That Shakes The Barley by Solas, which is an awesome song.

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OMG now I wanna make Corbin and Starr