Just a random rp (Part 1)


Jasper: Pull it out

Jayme: what?

i thought it was you :skull:

Jasper: whispers the gun

Jayme: not yet-

Jayme’s dad: who are you talking to?-

Jasper: Be quiet.

{Jayme’s dad gets terrified of Jasper}

Jasper: Okay, just let me know


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{Jayme’s dad closees door in fear}

Jasper: No. Open the door.

Jasper: Open it before there isn’t a door.

Jayme: you gonna take care of him or-

Jasper: Yeah
breaks down door. pulls out gun, find the dad and shoots in square in the head

Jayme: hm

Ghost: ~ dies ~

runs back to jayme

Jasper: Hello love

Jayme: hm hi!