lets make the most parts for this discussion

I notice there was 14 parts to the Undertale roleplay, then I saw the part 3 for another roleplay and they were saying part 3 lets go so lets make the most parts for this disscussion

you won’t get more parts when there’s a topic with 21 parts-

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ooooooh well I want to change that and make lots more

You shall not surpass the power of the Undertale Roleplay :sunglasses:

Not trying to be rude or something

oh you will see

come on guys

what noooooooooooo there are 20 parts to something else we have to get more




are you a kid?


I am I am in 2nd grade

uhhh… ok

I love making new friends

… uhhh ok (I never said I would be)

ok :slight_smile: thats fine

I have a lot of cursors


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