lets rp fnaf im clara whoever knows fnaf you can rp if you don't please leave

Come join if you want to rp you don’t have to ask ‘‘can i join’’ come join it will be lots of fun rp with you so come join and rp with me! i hope you have fun!

Hello! How is ya doin!


I’ll join, as I used to be a fear fan myself, so like Ik the entirrreeeeeee story line XD but it’ll be good to roleplay who is in the fandom too so…:slight_smile:

my friends like fnaf

Oooo~ hmmmm favorite game? Mine would have to beee either 4 or 3 :3

oh that cool

…erm…I’m asking u which game is ur favorite? nervous sweatdrop//

hmm fnaf

But WHICH ONE THOO or r u talking about the first one—//

hmm i like cb and ballora and freddy

Uhhh so sister location (do ya even know what I’m talking bout sis—)//


Ok ok just being sure just bein sure… do u mind if I ask your pronouns I don’t wanna offend anyone, I’m sorry I called ya sis and all if ur otherwise :sweat_smile:

no its fine i like to be pronouns as she/her/them

Ok I’m she/her, I’m straightttt :3

that cool!

Yay same xD//

…sooo do u mind me asking what grade ur in girl? Literally I’m the one stressed out cuz high school and all—

im in high school and im a girl