Loki Worshipper Badge

I think we need a Loki badge

Name of badge: Loki Worshiper

Description: Loki Worshiper here!!! *Adorably begins world domination

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I fixed it for you.

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Can I have it

Thank you


@blife450 Badgey hehehehe

One badge per one week @XxDeadRosesxX

Dang it

Screenshot 2023-04-25 12.37.54 PM
Cryig rn

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sorry Loki :sob: My friend got her badge approved Ig before this one :sob:

Nooooo :sob: :sob:

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don’t worry Imma ping my friend who can get you bro :sob:

Ok ok thank you
Screenshot 2023-05-11 12.30.09 PM

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@Bocchi can you please approve of Loki bro’s badge :sob: (He will most likely be on today evening or in 2 days :skull:)


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@Nightwing what about you

Wait what no Loki badge :sob:

Noooo :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:


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