made a thing :DDD

yes. a wattpad cover. for my book.

Imma read it

Want me to get the link? It’s not even really anything so far, just a cast.

Yup thx!

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what’s your wattpad username btw?

I don’t have wattpad :nail_care::sob: but I’ll get it some day

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Ok I’m done reading it I love it a lot

I love

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Will and Theo are my favorites

You shoulddddd

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Gets wattpad right now

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Ok my username on wattpad is ethantron210 I’m gonna make a story

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i followed you :3

Thank you :3 I’m making a zombie outbreak story series

Hey so I finished the prologue of my story I’m working on chapter 1

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I also followed you


I also followed Galaxywings

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don’t forget to follow me : D wattpad user is same as my user here