magic high rp

characters: Jake :amy :chase : yuri :Jessy :Max Sunny: Liz:
teachers: mr.heat: Ms.Water: Mr.Earth: Ms.Sun: Principle Walter:

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i wanna join but can I be myself?
like, i just wanna change a name das all ;-;



u Joining?

can i be amy


this is amy

e c s a c t l y. but idc

name: Juleka Romo (friends call her Jules)
age: 16

Demon (demon powers and stuff + can earthbend)
personality: pretty but total tsundere, reserved (NOT SHY), only eats meat, likes black and rock music, unknown scars, can fight, mexican.

i use the same character everytime and i never get tired lol-

Okay one thing is that Amy Likes Jake this is jake images (79)

oh hi im new to School my name is Benjamin I’m half cat dragon

I can turn into a human if you want


going to turn a human


oh!! you here I didn’t know nobody was here

I get scared very easy

More like a softy with big wings