Magic rp ig?

Ari: Me
Powers: Teleportation, Chaos magic and Poison.
Age: 14



Name: Erisec

Species: Elf

Powers: stealth, invisibility, The Fury of The Dojo (Mega Magic Attack)

age: 17

Occupation: Ninja

can i join, @TheQueenofUwUs?


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Hold on, Ima change her age to 14 turning 15 because 13 is a bit young for the storyline.)


She’s a demon.

Wanna start??

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hey can i join?


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yes @TheQueenOfCuddles, i’m ready to start; and Erisec’s an Elf.

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I’m fighting in the open arena
(She’s a lost warrior and loves to fight.)
(Anyone can train in the Arena)

i am mark-teleports-hybrid-immortal-male-19 yrs old… for rp only

sits on a rooftop, watching smirks she would make a great member of the team, but first, i need her to be alone, so i can confront her.

This guy comes at me with his super speed and teleport myself away and then teleport knives from my belt too him and it corners him
Teacher Kiwan: Okay okay, Ari wins again.


smirks, and gets up, and smoke Bombs my way to a new section of Roof

(son of a bandicoot, i have to go to bed.)


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good morning!