Make a option where you can choose which image you want for clicking and normal

Hey there,
I have a suggestion that I’m sure others may want too.
I would like to say that I love the idea of these cursor images and I do use them personally too.
I would like reccommend a feature where you can choose between which of the pair of images for the cursor image would be the main cursor image and which one would be the clicking imaging.
I recently had a cursor image from the Naruto pack of a katana and Kakashi.The katana was the main image cursor design while Kakashi was the clicking image.I do like the concept of that pairing however I believe that it could be swapped.A reason I had for this swap was if I was clicking on something specific and tiny I wouldn’t see what I was clicking since Kakashi’s head was covering it.I feel like the katana(having a small and pointer like tip) could be the clicking image rather than the face.
I hope you consider this decision.
Thank you.

Hello @Sinthuja
That’s why we have a constructor tool right here
It lets you swap cursor and pointer, combine cursor pack of different collections and etc.
You can find answers on most of the constructor tool questions in our How to Use