MAKE THE friend button a thing guys please

the friend button where when you click on there profile it gives the option to friend them!
@Spirit_Wolf @DocilityYT @Dusttrust_sans @DreamBeenFound you guys think its smart?

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I don’t think it’s smart
because what if somebody new just starts clicking the friend button on every user that’s on and not their actual friends

because then you can make it so u dont have a friend buttuon just turn it off

like when you have do not disturb on it gets rid of your message button


Uh idk maybe

What about an option to not let anybody friend you?

You don’t need to make your profile private in order to not make anybody friend you, so that way everyone can be fine


yes that will be in it you see also kuro can u change my user?

if you can change it to PyschoGalaxyZeus pls and thank you

Haha, i’m not a mod

@AstroWrld @Nuggy @blife450 are mods

Also, didn’t you just changed your user some days ago?

It’s kinda rude to ask another one when you just got one

yeah sorry i didnt know

It’s okay


see guys vote for it