Making a Fnf mod, dm me if you are intrested

you need discord for communitcations my @ is memular#2484, msg me who you are on this website, and thats all, thanks! its a halo CE mod

that is not a thing

yeah i noticed

is that an automated message or are you a real person?

nah hes real

okay, its hard to tell the difference at this point, i cant tell what is what anymore

discord is free, you just need an email

well what are you typing on?

school computer im guessing

did you mention xbox

because that’d work

because luckily, i have an xbox


im in school right now so i wouldnt be able to message you immediatly but sure

mine is UnitiveBanjo476

anyway im going to go back to drawing seeya later

master chef

you wanna help?

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can’t code

doesnt matter, are you good at drawing?

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