Matching PFPS for me and @Toy_Chica

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Aw so cute


i like this style you got here… mind making one for me and @DashtheWarrior; of Diddy Kong and Sly Cooper respectively?

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Thanks babe! Mwa!

Wait I’m confused you and @FerretBoy your brother have different accounts but how?


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Its Mr Fox and Mr Fox Big Brother

Ohhhh i lost my old phone that had that acct on it then i found it and was on it for a lil but then i got this acct so now this is my main acct

Ah it all makes sense

Wait brain can’t compute :face_with_spiral_eyes::face_with_spiral_eyes::face_with_spiral_eyes: I thought they were the same person but the sister was only on the account

I thought they were different people

Oh but I never talked to that account I believe why does it say I’m most replied and stuff



NOw i know my other brother had that acct then gave it to mehh maybe u talked to him?

my brain stopped working oof

My brain does not work

No prob, sweets!