MHA rp (Im female deku)

Kai: walking to class not knowing where it is

Who’s gonna be Mr. Awizawa?)

kay) izumi : walks up to kai hi are ya new (oof kk)

idk tbh cause i ain’t like him much)

I’ll be him ig)

Mr.Awizawa: walking to his class

(Kai has combined two quirks to get a strength quirk btw)

Kai: looking around


Mr.Awizawa: sees Kai but walks by him quick

Kai: thinks- WHERE IS 1-A AT-thinks

Izumi runs after mr Awizawa Mr Awizawa wait

Mr.Awizawa: Hm Izumi what is it??

Kai: writes on a peice of paper and goes behind Aizawa and taps his shoulder and hands him the paper

Izumi: kacchan almost broke ur door

Mr.Awizawa: What! now i’m gonna have to pay for that sight

(i think someone from class 1-A chould know Kai for plot reason)

Kay but who)


wait ik Kiri)