Mix diffrent cursors.

Hello, community and (more importantly) devs and graphics designers.
I think it would be a nice feature to be able to mix cursors. The best example is Minecraft package. I like the sword, but that “M” isn’t looking so good. The best alternative is a creeper, but it comes with gun and guns aren’t matching much to MC’s style. It would be nice to have an option to mix them. Maybe you read my “Portal 2?” post, maybe not. I don’t care. But if you did it, you should know that I said

I had a few ideas, like both portals colors, both portal gun modes (colors), GLaDOS, Wheatley, a few cores, our character (I don’t remember her name) and both types of CO-OP mode robots. So why I didn’t say that? Because I didn’t know, how to match them. GLaDOS would obviously go with Wheatley and orange CO-OP robot with blue CO-OP robot. But which to the main cursor, and which to pointer? I have hell no idea! Things got even more complicated when it comes to Portals and Portal gun. Because how to match them? Make portal gun “shoot” portal matching to its color when you hover over the clickable item, or just cycle between portals and portal gun color? And again - which to the main cursor, and which to pointer in this case? Not to mention cores and the main human character (still not remember her name).
But it can be all fixed! Just add 2 small panels and one big panel right underneath the “More Cursors” || “Upload Cursor” button pad! OK. I’ve just revealed my design idea, so look at this:

Ok, so basically points 4 and 5 are mode choosers. They can be radio buttons. 4 is “default cursor” and 5 “custom configuration”. 2 and 3 display cursors. 2 is a pointer, and 3 is the clicker. Now, the rest:
1 - This is adaptive. If 4 is selected, then some sort of star button should be there, but “starred” is definitely subject for other suggestion. If the user selected 5, then it should copy the design of the button pad on the right. Let’s call top button a), middle one - b) and bottom - c).
a) Is a drop-down menu of all saved configurations. Also houses “add new”.
b) Load. This loads the selected config from “a)” to “2/3”. Is active only, if something else than “add new” is selected from “a)”. Displays a warning, if the user has an unsaved config on “2/3”.
c) Save. This loads the selected config from “2/3” to “a)”. Displays a warning, if the user’s changes are going to overwrite selection from “a)”.
2-5 - explained previously
6 - Select. Changes the user’s cursor to the selected configuration. Only works, if the configuration is completed and the clicker is different than a pointer.
7&9 - Adaptive. If 4 is selected, then exports the chosen cursor to a clicker. If 5 is selected, then cleans the selection.
8&10 - Adaptive. If 4 is selected, then exports the chosen cursor to a pointer. If 5 is selected, then inverts the selection.


OK, I’ve just noticed, that this is already mentioned here: New cursor tool by @blife450. Anyway, I still think, my GUI design is better. Also, it comes with the “starred” idea. So it’s not a big deal. Maybe even combine both designs?

WOW! :open_mouth:
That is what we were hoping to receive from the community, ideas like this.
Thanks! We will definitely discuss that


As we discussed with other Custom Cursor staff there are few drawbacks:
Chrome has a limited size of a pop-up window, we are limited in size vertically.
The second drawback is that it might be a little over complicated for a common user.
But in general, we like your idea very much, and some part of it will solve the issue of users not seeing the pointer. So a preview will be added in some way. Same with a list of favorite cursor packs


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maybe you could right click to see the individual cursors (as in the pointer and link select) and then create your cursor like that. I also have wondered if we could do something like this.

You can already mix cursors all you have to do is, go to the “Constructor” section. It lets you combine one cursor and one pointer from two different collections.

It’s in the top corner.

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In the screenshot it says 23:36 for the time that’s 11:36 P.M. You tired?

wow thanks! That really helps @Upside_Up

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hey @blife450 is @Guzio a leader to?

No, but he is an innovative and active member here in the community and on his own creations.
As you can see he provided us with some good ideas to add

ok thanks

How is everyone doing?!?! I been away for a while just dealing with life’s BS like always. Whats going on @blife450?

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