my opinion on the new update (and a suggestion)

so we might know that last night was when a update came ouut :v: :3: :v:

I think the update where the new notfis are gray instead of blue when there are dark mode

but there was a update with UI

basically in the profile everything is new

categories are different so yeah but i dont really like it and i don’t think other people like it too.

so imma make an suggestion where basically u have the option to change how it is

between the old and new

Is this a good idea?
  • Good ide a
  • Bad idea :orge:

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Whats your opininon on this update?
  • Good
  • bad
  • ok ig…
  • havent seen it yet.

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CCC UI changes not for the sake of changes, but to fit new features that are being implemented into it
From a small little forum, the community has already grown into a complex big system even with its own server.
Implementing even small features now bares the risk of breaking some other previously requested features. Same here, do you really think that it’s easy to fork two UI interfaces and keep them up-to-date facing the same issue that the new UI solved?
Same with many other requests, like keeping username changing allowed permanently. People do not quite understand the issues it will cause in load speed and DB re-write.


And for some reason, users here complain about announced updates, but most of the updates are being rolled out unannounced

changes can be good, dw it will be fine q:

I really hate the new update, I have to turn up my brightness to see the notifications

bro you know you can still put it on light mode right?

I am against light mode


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