myyyy horror book-

The devil Book.

There once was a girl named Callie Peters. She was having a pretty good life until her mother and father disappeared. Her grandfather was a very suspicious man, but what he did was the worst ever! Callie was forbidden to NEVER go into the attic. Callie was age 12 when she heard a loud thump coming from upstairs. She started to walk upstairs when her grandfather came running down the stairs and pushed her down.

“WHAT DID I TELL YOU!?!” he screamed.

“I-i…Grandpa…I didn’t mean to…I had no idea! I’m so–”

He pushed her again as he said, “NO. I TOLD YOU TO NEVER GO UPSTAIRS AND YOU DID NOT LISTEN!”

Callie ran to the couch and started to cry herself to sleep. The grandfather covered her up and whispered, “It’s for your own good.”

Then put a book right next to her and walked upstairs. When Callie woke up, it was dark outside. She thought her grandfather was asleep. Right next to her was her sprite and blanket. Except for the book. It was IN her hands.

The volume was a dark brown hardcover book with a firm texture, and there was a key emblazoned on the front. She opened the book and screamed. Her grandmother, father, and mother were IN that book, and they were speaking to her.
Her mother cried, “Run, my daughter! I love you very much.”

Then her father added, “Leave, Callie! This is a bad place!”

The grandmother stared at Callie dead in the eye, warning, “This is a TRAP! Run my darling, and don’t look back! Your grandfather is a bad ma-” Callie’s grandmother abruptly stopped talking. Her grandfather came down the stairs so Callie pretended to sleep. Her heart was racing faster than a horse running.

Callie’s grandfather picked up the book and put something in it. Like a key. Callie was unable to see since she had to squint. Once her grandfather left, she opened the book. A beam of light shone from the pages, and two shadowy figures seized her arms. The two figures pulled her leg INTO the book.

“No!!!” she screamed. Her grandfather ran down the stairs again to witness them taking her into the book. He smiled wickedly.

“Throw her in. NOW!” he commanded the figures.

“Huh?!?! GRANDPA! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS!!” Callie screamed as her arms vanished into the book.

“Haha! I just need you for a trade.”

Callie screamed, “Help me!!!” as she was sucked into the book.

Then the grandpa closed the book and then opened it again. Callie’s face was …
imprinted INTO the book.

Four years later, a young girl and her father moved into the house. The girl, Coraline, was 12 years old. She saw this book. It had a hard texture and a key embossed on it. She never read it because it was locked. Plus, the key was glued to the book. One day, when Coraline’s father was at work, Coraline placed her hand on the book, causing the key to fly into her hand.

She gasped and then unlocked the lock on the book. When she did, the book released a bright light from its ancient pages. She flipped the pages until she saw a girl’s face. Something printed beside the face read, “Say hello.”

On impulse, Coraline said “Hello?” to the image of the feminine face. The girl replied “Coraline? You’re here! Help me out of this book, then get out of this HOUSE!!” Coraline gasped at what a picture just said! It was alive!

“Who are you!” she screamed.

“Callie! Callie Peters!” she responded.

“Callie!?! My older cousin…I THOUGHT YOU DIED FIVE YEARS AGO!”

“Well, I’m only half dead. Coraline, I need your help to get out!”

“I don’t know if it’s you though. How did you get in this…well…THE BOOK?!?”
Callie sighed sadly. She must have been trapped for years. “Coraline, there is no time to explain! I’m trapped because of my grandfather! Please help me out! We don’t have enough time!”

Coraline heard a loud thump.“Ah! What was that!?!” There was silence right then.

Callie replied, “My grandfather… he’s here.”

Coraline tried hard to remain silent. She whisper-yelled, “What do you mean, ‘he’s here’!?!”

Callie mumbled, “He wants you. He’s after our family. After a while, he will force you to touch the book. He’ll steal your soul once you are in the book. Luckily, Grandfather forgot that there was more about our family. When you were born, he was angry. He was determined to find a way to take your soul. He couldn’t.

"Another soul is in you, Coraline. You are the only one that can save us. You’re the last person he wants to draw in his book. If he succeeds, we will die. Then the book will erase us. We can’t lose anyone else Coraline. We can’t lose you. Hide. Don’t stay here. He will find you. Go out the back door so he won’t see you.” Callie started to silently weep.

Coraline yanked her shoes on, pulled her coat over her shoulders, and ran outside, clutching the book close to her heart. She jumped over the fence and ran five blocks away. Coraline ran so fast that she fell. A book page fell out, but she didn’t realize it. She stood up and noticed someone looking at her. Her knee was bleeding. The man looked familiar. It must have been someone she knew. The man greeted her, saying, “Hello, Coraline.”

Part two coming soon!

Part two starter:
Coraline gasped in horror, it was her grandfather! “I’ve waiting a long time to meet you dear” he said in his creepy deep voice. TO BE CONTINUED

i like it


you’re welcome!

Dani you should be an author as an adult.

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Aww thanks nezzz

I would, but singing is mah passion.

This was just for fun

I made this like 8 months ago-
I just added finishing touches

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I would enjoy this book as an adult lol.

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this is so good!

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When are ya gonna post part 2?

Maybe in the next week at most.

:slight_smile: ok

Also, do I know you-

Sorry, I’m not good at remembering things-

I’m Dani/Mia.

i do not know you or your personality at all :grinning:

Okay :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Nice to meet you lol

You could use some grammar classes but overall its cool ig
not really scary but ya know good for you ig

It’s not a scary book. I call it horror because it has violence. It does not mean it’s scary but thanks.

horror - an intense feeling of fear, shock, or disgust.

scary - frightening; causing fear.


It’s a horror.
Not a scary